Tobacco Cuts | RY4 60ml

Tobacco Cuts | RY4 60ml

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Tobacco Cuts - a specialist Tobacco flavoured E Liquid range - crafted to the finest quality in the pursuit of luxury!  Made by Triple Award Winners - Komodo Vape from the UK, who also make Cider Farms! 

- 60pg / 40vg

- Available in 60ml

6 incredible flavour profiles:

- RY4 - Smooth Tobacco With Vanilla Pods and Caramel
- British Made - Considered as a profile match to big name UK cig brands
- Menthol - Menthol combustible cigarettes are now banned within the UK. This unique profile is a great alternative.
- Special Reserve - Highest quality Tobacco flavouring, oak cask flavoured. Unique and strong tasting. The one for Tobacco Vaping aficionados!
- USA Lites - Say goodbye to the 'cowboy killers' and hello to USA lites, similarities to a big name US tobacco brand.
- Virginia Smooth - Simply put...Rolling Tobacco at its finest.